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The Northgate High School Alumni Association is dedicated to uniting and advancing the interests and traditions of alumni and friends of Northgate High School and providing facilities that attract and support highly motivated students in the community.

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Please consider a donation to Northgate Community Pride Foundation.
Current and future students will be forever thankful!

Some thoughts by alumni who currently support Northgate Pride:

"I joined the Northgate Community Pride to improve all of the school's 'outside the class room' activities which I believe are just as important or more important as the 'in class room' academics in a young person's growth and development. 'Producing good citizens will enhance our community, and give our children a foundation for success.' "
Tim Jochner class of 1983

"Looking back at attending Northgate High School I remember it being one of the happiest times in my life. The pep rallies, Friday night football games, teh Madrigals were all things that made a difference in the person I am today. If I can help to make a difference in another teen's life so they can look back and remember the fun times and secure felling they felt at school like I did, then that's what I want to do. That's why I support Northgate Pride."
Erikka Leonard Reisinger, class of 1988.

"It's sad to see the state of the facilities at Northgate. I still feel an attachment to my alma mater and want to do whatever I can to restore and improve it for all of the future generations."
John Navolio, class of 1979.

"Pride to us is taking the abundant gifts you are given by growing up in this community and making sure that not only are they more plentiful for your own children, but that they continue to multiply for future generations as well. Northgate Pride gives all of us this oppotunity."
Kish (class of 1988) and Evie Rajan.

"Whether our sons and daughters are at Northgate now, or will be there in a few years, we all need to contribute as much as we can to these Pride projects so our kids can have great facilities for these porgrams... and with corporate matching fund programs that are available, many of us can have our donations doubled." Lori and David Abele, class of 1982.

"Donating to Northgate Community Pride was such a no brainer! It is one of the certain ways that I could see my donations being directly used to improve our school. I donated to Northgate Community Pride because after 30 years I want to see the NOrthgate High School campus completed. It has been too many years and the improvements need to be done. I want the kids to have pride in their facilities and to be able to athletcially compete on up to date sport venues. There is so much value added to the gigh school life when the students can build school spirit supporting their friends at home sporting events. Donating to Northgate Community Pride is a small gift for such a worthy cause!"
Karen Somes Krueger, class of 1980.

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