The Pride Foundation began its work with the very successful restoration of the gymnasium in 2000 supported by state funding private donations, and the active involvement of parent, alumni, and students. Because the campus was built 30 years ago, postponed additions and deferred maintenance have left Northgate with inadequate facilities to support and expand its growing programs in performing arts, physical education, and athletics.

Since its founding in 1999, The Northgate Community Pride Foundation (NCPF) has been working hard to fulfill its mission of improving and enhancing the facilities at Northgate High School.

NCPF leaders have implemented a comprehensive survey of Mt. Diablo Unified School District and Northgate High School administrators, Parent-Faculty Association members and students to identify facility improvement needs and priorities.

The findings of the survey were used to develop a Master Plan for campus improvements which began with the restoration of the gymnasium. This project was successfully completed in the summer of 2000 thanks to state funding, private donations and the active involvement of parents and students.

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